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Many refer to Design Floor as New Yorker floors. That is because Design Floors are concrete-based floors that can provide any room with a minimalistic look, as many apartments in New York have.  Our Design Floors can be made in either a classic or industrial look, and as you can choose if the floor should have a matt or glossy finish. Design Floors are durable and easy to maintain; hence they are suitable for offices, stores and private homes. The concrete base for our Design Floors is from ISOMAT.

We are known for making classic white Design Floors, but we can change the colours of the floor after the client’s preferences. In addition, we can add a wide range of aggregate such as, logos, broken marble, pieces of glass or brass. You can let yourself get inspired by our standard selection of colours for floors here.

Design Floors can be laid out on top of excising surfaces such as wooden floors, concrete or tiles, and are also suitable for wet rooms.

Design Floors are very easy to maintain and should be cleaned with water and soft soap.

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