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We have great experience with levelling of floors. Our large range of machines for this type of job enables us to work in small private homes and in giant industry halls without any challenges.

Our range of machines includes everything from the small handheld 220-volt concrete grinder, to a concrete planer, and finally the HTC 850 Diamond Grinder that demand 380-volt. Additionally, we employ some of the flooring industry’s most powerful vacuums and air cleaners, which enable us to perform our job without causing too much causing inconvenience. We have levelled uneven floors in the Danish supermarket chain Menu, while the supermarket was open for customers.

The process for levelling of floors often follows that we measure the floor, grind it or cut of high tops, and hereafter we grind and polish the entire floor with our machines. In some cases there is a need for spot filling of holes, and sometimes it is cheapest to lay out self-levelling concrete on the entire surface, depending on how uneven the floor is.

We can lay our self-levelling concrete as the final floor, or use it as a base whereupon a new floor can be made. If the self-levelling concrete is laid out as the final floor, we can dye it to match our clients’ preferences and needs, and for example also integrate a company logo in the new floor. You can let yourself get inspired by our standard selection of colours for floors here.

If you have any questions or require further information, please feel free to contact us at: info@concretecph.com