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Our microcement can be utilised on floors, walls, bathrooms, kitchens and furniture, and each project have unique handmade finish. All of our work is made with microcement from ISOMAT or Topciment.

Microcement can be applied directly to existing surfaces, thus we can renovate rooms without removing the current floor surface such as wood or tiles. This is possible due to the high adhesive strength, which enables us to lay out robust microcement floors in 3mm thickness.

Microcement is a mortar of high flexibility, which consists of cement powder, water and an added colour. We can dye the microcement to match any client’s preference, and we finish the floors with a matt or glossy topcoat. In addition, we can add aggregate to the microcement, such as broken marble or glitter flakes. Generally, our microcement floors are 70 per cent more durable than wooden floors; hence this type of floor is fit for private homes and light industry. You can let yourself get inspired by our standard selection of colours for floors here.

We work with different types of microcement that have different textures thus they are all fit for different types of projects. For floors, we usually work with a type of microcement that has a coarse texture. The coarse texture enables us to lay out non-skid microcement floors with a glossy finish. We can also lay out microcement floors with a less coarse texture; however, these floors will also be less slip-resistant.

Microcement floors are easy to maintain and should be cleaned with water and soft soap.

If you have any questions or require further information, please feel free to contact us at: info@concretecph.com