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Polished concrete looks raw and is very durable, thus we pour and polish many square meters for stores and industry each year. We can accommodate polishing of old concrete floors or pouring of complete new floors. The concrete floors can be made in many colours, and we can add aggregate such as broken glass or granite to match clients’ needs. You can let yourself get inspired by our standard selection of colours for floors here.

Generally, we will remove all kinds of all floors before we pour new concrete floors. New concrete floor will be poured of a minimum strength of 30 MPA, and afterwards we will grind the floor and usually finish it with a topcoat. We have different types of topcoats that are suitable for either industry or private use. For the food sector, we have a special topcoat from ISOMAT that is bacteria resistant. In addition, we offer advice about the strength and design of the concrete floor so that the floor will match its environment. We can pour and polish concrete floors everywhere, also in wet rooms and outdoors.

We offer to grind old concrete floors in two ways: water grinding or dry grinding.

For dry grinding we utilise an industrial vacuum cleaner to absorb the dust from the grinding. When we water grind a floor, we use a water vacuum cleaner to absorb the concrete sludge, as the floor is grinded under water. We can grind the floor with coarse grit 50, or op to grit 5000 where the floor is grinded delicately. By any standards, we can grind the floor to have a matt or glossy finish. If the old concrete floor is heavily damaged or porous, we can repair most floors with an ISOMAT concrete harder.

Polished concrete floors are easy to maintain, and should be cleaned with water and soft soap.

If you have any questions or require further information, please feel free to contact us at: info@concretecph.com