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Not only is Terrazzo beautifully artistic, it is also very durable. We often lay of Terrazzo floors in company domiciles and stores, but we also lay out this type of floor in private homes. Typically, we will remove the old floor before we lay out Terrazzo floors.

Terrazzo consists of broken stones of marble, which is mixed with a concrete base that bind the mass together. We prefer to utilise our product, Extreme, as base for our Terrazzo floors to ensure maximum resilience. As our client, you have to opportunity to select the colour you prefer for the concrete base for your Terrazzo floor. We have previously added a range of aggregate to substitute broken stones, including pieces of broken mirror, coloured glass, granite or sandstone.

As an example, we have laid out a unique Terrazzo floor in Nice where we used broken cockleshells and blue stones as aggregate. You can let yourself get inspired by our standard selection of colours for floors here.

Furthermore, our services include renovation of old Terrazzo floors, including top polishing and deep grinding. We offer different finishes of the floor, thus you can choose between glossy and mat surfaces. Terrazzo floors are easy to maintain, as they should just be cleaned with water and soft soap.

Terrazzo is an ancient Italian technique to lay floors that originate from Venice. To fully learn the art of Terrazzo, including polishing and grinding of concrete and marble floors, our founder, Jesper, has attended several of courses with Klindex in Italy.

We offer 20 years crack guarantee on our Terrazzo floors.

If you have any questions or require further information, please feel free to contact us at: info@concretecph.com