This cement-based product is our strongest concrete product so far as well as the most resistant casting product, and therefore, we have chosen to call the product Extreme.

Unlike all other floors, which contract when drying, Extreme can expand without forming cracks, and is therefore more flexible than for example design floors. Extreme can be used indoors and outdoors, and can be used as the flooring of any room. For example, Extreme can be used to make outdoor kitchens in a concrete look, or as an indoor floor in an industrial look.

The concrete product can be coloured according to the wishes of the client, and we can emboss the product to look like anything from cement to a simple colour or metal.

Extreme can be applied in a thickness from a minimum of 3 mm on top of existing surfaces, but it can also be used to cast completely new floors. You can find inspiration for the choice of colour from our standard colours for floors on this page.​

We have the sole agency for the product globally, and we provide a 20-year warranty on our Extreme floors, because it is a product that we have developed and had tested professionally. Extreme floors are easy to maintain, you simply clean them with water and soap flakes.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us on: info@concretecph.com