We sell Klindex professional floor sanding and polishing machines, which can for example be used for marble, concrete, terrazzo and much more. The machines are also perfect for sanding microcement, which spare floor workers from many hard hours on their knees with sand paper in their hands.

Unlike other brands, alle Klindex machines are made with toothed wheels, similarly to a gearbox, and not with a timing belt, which may rip in time.

We have a wide selection of the machines in stock, and therefore, we recommend that our clients read more about each machine in order to find the perfect machine for their needs. You can read more about the machines here.


We can get all Klindex floor sanding and polishing machines delivered by order.
All of our Klindex machines are intended for professionals.

In addition to the sanding machines, we also sell Klindex diamond grinding discs and pads for polishing various types of floors. There is a number of pads and discs suitable for any type of task. Read more about the various diamond grinding discs and pads here.​

If you want to order a machine, some discs or polishing pads, please send an e-mail to info@concretecph.com. You are also welcome to contact us if you need more guidance.

All Klindex products are manufactured in Italy with consideration for environment and quality as well as strong materials. Furthermore, Klindex is the only manufacturer in the world that manufactures sanding and polishing machines as well as diamond discs, whereas other companies only manufacture one of those components.

At Concrete Copenhagen, we want high quality, and therefore, we are proud to sell Klindex products.