We have a lot of experience straightening foundations and cast floors. Our large selection of machines for this type of work permits us to do jobs in small private homes as well as in large industrial halls without any problems.

Our machinery includes everything from the small hand-held 220 volt concrete grinder, to concrete miller/surfacer, and goes all the way up to a HTC 850 diamond grinder, which requires 380 volts. Furthermore, we use some of the industry’s most powerful industrial vacuum cleaners and air cleaners, which means that we can do these jobs without dust nuisance. Among other things, we have straightened crooked floors in the Menu supermarkets while they were open to customers.

The process for straightening floors usually consists of the following: first, we measure the floor, then we sand or mill large bulges, after which we sand the rest of the floor with machines until it is completely level. In some cases, it is necessary to spackle holes, and in other cases, it is less expensive to lay out liquid screed all over the floor, if enough height is available, depending on how crooked the floor is.

We can lay out liquid screed as the final floor, or we can lay out liquid screed as a base, after which we lay a new floor on top of it. If the liquid screed is used as the final floor, we can colour the liquid screed to the client’s wishes, and we can for example insert a company logo in the floor.

You can find inspiration for the choice of colour from our standard colours for floors on this page.​

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