Our microcement can be used to make floors, walls, bathrooms, kitchens and furniture, and it is always applied with a unique handmade finish. We do all our work with microcement from ISOMAT or Topciment.

Microcement can be applied directly on top of existing surfaces, which means that we can renovate a room without removing the existing material, such as wooden floors or tiles. This is possible due to the high bond strength and the small thickness requirement, which allows us to make durable microcement floors down to a thickness of 3 mm.

Our microcement is a flexible mortar consisting of cement powder, water and a dye. We mix the microcement colour according to the wishes of our clients, and we make the product with a matt, semi-matt or full gloss finish. If desired, we can add various aggregates to the microcement, such as pieces of silver or gold glitter.

Generally, our microcement floors are 70 % more durable than wooden floors, and are therefore suitable for private homes as well as shops, light industry and restaurants. You can find inspiration for the choice of colour from our standard colours for floors on this page.​

We work with different types of microcement, which all have different textures and are therefore suitable for different types of projects. For floors, we primarily use a type of microcement that has a so-called rough texture.

The rough texture means that the microcement floor is non-slip, even with a full gloss finish. We can also make microcement floors with a less rough texture, but these floors will be less non-slip.

Microcement floors are easy to maintain, you simply clean them with water and soft soap.

If you are not sure which texture to choose for your microcement floors, or if you have other questions, you are welcome to contact us on: info@concretecph.com