A polished concrete floor is rough and resistant, and therefore, we lay and sand a lot of square metres in shops and industrial settings every year. We offer to sand old concrete floors or to cast a new concrete floor from scratch.

We can make concrete floors in many colours and add aggregates such as granite or crushed glass at the client’s request. You can find inspiration for the choice of colour from our standard colours for floors on this page.​



Usually, we remove old floors before casting new concrete floors. We cast the new concrete floor with a concrete that has a minimum strength of 30 MPa, after which we sand the floor and add a finish.

We offer different kinds of finish suitable for private homes or industrial use. For instance, we have an antibacterial finish from ISOMAT for the food industry.

We also provide consultancy on the strength and design of the concrete floor in order for it to be suitable for the environment in which it is used.

We can lay concrete floor anywhere, including wet rooms, such as in kitchens and bathrooms, as well as outdoors.


If you have an old concrete floor, we can diamond sand it with a floor machine in two ways; wet sanding or dry sanding. In connection with dry sanding, we use an industrial vacuum cleaner to vacuum the dust from the sanding, whereas we use a wet vacuum cleaner for the concrete sludge from wet sanding, as the concrete is sanded under water.

We can sand the floor with anything from a completely coarse grit 50, or up to a grit 5000, where the floor is sanded very finely. Regardless of the sanding method, the floor can be sanded to be matt, semi-matt or full gloss. 

If your old concrete floor is damaged or porous, we can repair most damage with an ISOMAT concrete hardener. Polished concrete floors are easy to maintain and only have to be cleaned with soft soap or soap flakes.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us by telephone +45 27 89 09 13 or e-mail info@concretecph.com.​