Liquid screed is a self-levelling concrete product, which means that the concrete product easily levels out and becomes smooth. This means that liquid screed is particularly suitable for repairing all kinds of floors – old as well as new, with or without under floor heating. Our liquid screed floors can also be used as a finished floor without joints from a thickness of 3 mm to 15 cm.

We create liquid screed floors in the colour requested by the client, and we make liquid screed floors for large as well as small projects. You can find inspiration for the choice of colour from our standard colours for floors on this page.

For large projects, our liquid screed is delivered with a pumping truck, and for smaller projects, we mix the liquid screed ourselves at the job site. We use liquid screed from the Greek company ISOMAT, and we have liquid screeds for indoor, outdoor and wet room use.

We can deliver liquid screed as rapid hardening, which results in reduced construction time. The time saved is of particular significance to shops and other industry, who miss out on profit during the construction process.

Even though liquid screed is a self-levelling concrete product, it requires experience and finesse to lay liquid screed floors. Therefore, our founder Jesper has taken several courses in liquid screed, for example at ISOMAT in Greece and Sibland in Portugal.

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