A terrazzo floor is not just artistic, it is also very durable. We often lay terrazzo floors in company domiciles and in shops, but we also lay that type of floor in private homes. Usually, we remove the old floor before laying a terrazzo floor.

Terrazzo consists of chips of marble mixed with a cementitious base, which binds the substance together. We use our unique product Extreme as the base for our terrazzo floors.

As our client, you have the possibility of choosing the colour of the Extreme base, as well as the size and colour of the marble chips, or other aggregates for the cement base. We have previously added a number of products as aggregates, including broken mirror, coloured pieces of glass, sandstone or granite.

For instance, we have made a unique terrazzo floor in Nice, where we used shells and blue stones as aggregates. You can find inspiration for the choice of colour from our standard colours for floors on this page.​

We also offer to renovate old terrazzo floors. Depending on the condition of the floor, we can do in-depth sanding as well as top polishing. We can create different finishes for the floor, which means that you can choose between glossy or matt surfaces. Terrazzo floors are easy to maintain, you simply clean them with water and soft soap.

Terrazzo is an old Italian flooring technique originating from Venice.​

In order to learn the art of terrazzo thoroughly, including polishing of concrete and marble floors, our founder, Jesper, has taken a course at Klindex in Italy.

We offer a 20-year warranty against cracks in our terrazzo floors.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us on: info@concretecph.com